Wednesday, 25 January 2012

TzeEn Group Compo

A Picnic at the beach     

          The sound of the breeze itself was cool enough to douse the heart of the fiery setting sun as my family and I were having a picnic at the beach. While we were eating, a little girl came towards us. She was crying. At first we didn't see her. Slowly we started hearing cries. We turned and saw a little girl about my little brother's age crying. We  were shocked to see that no one was with her, so we asked her to calm down and sit with us.  

          When she calmed down, we asked her what happened. She told us that she couldn't find her parents. We went to the local police station to report the case of the little girl.

Group:Lego Land (2)
Names:Alden, Jia Lin, Tze En & Faiez