Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Jennifer's Group

It was a hot and humid day, the cloudless sky was lit up by the merciless rays of the mid-day sun. My parents and I were having a picnic at the beach. While we were eating those delicious food on the mat, a little girl came towards us. She was crying. My parents and I were shocked and surprised to see the little girl without a parent looking after her.
  We told her to sit with us while she explain why she was crying. She told us that she had lost her parents when she was wandering by herself. After that, we told her stop crying and gave her some biscuits to eat while my family and I decided what to do. Then, we decided to take her to a neighbourhood police post. We told the policeman what happened to the little girl and how we found her.The policeman said he will find her parents soon.

Jennifer Group


  1. WOW!
    You guys manage to do so much of the compo!

  2. Dear Jennifer and group,

    your compo is amazing because the story ended with the help from the policeman.

  3. I really like this compo! Its so great!