Wednesday, 25 January 2012

D&D Group (1) Compo

Group Name: DND (1).
                                                    Title:  A Lost Girl.
                 Sunlight glinted off the windows of the vehicles on the road. “Yippee!” It was the June holidays and my family and I were going to East Coast Park Beach for a picnic. I was in seven heaven. “Are we there yet?” I asked my father for the hundredth time. He nodded vigorously as he parked the car. My sister and I squealed in delight when we saw the beach. We set our mat and our picnic basket with fruits, sandwiches and the cold drinks at a shady area. I felt a tap on my shoulder and turned around and saw a girl with tears in her eyes.
                    We asked her to sit with us and I asked her, “What happened? Where’s your parents?” The girl kept crying and at once she said, “I was making sand castles. When I wanted to show it to my parents, I noticed that they were gone,” and cried. We felt shocked and surprised. We tried to solve the problem as fast as we could. We tried to get help from other people. At a glimpse, I saw a couple with a worried face and called the girl’s name. I said to the girl, “Is that your mother?” The girl felt so happy.


  1. WOW! That is very long!

  2. I like your story because it is interesting.


  3. Dear D&D Group, your group compo is expressive! Keep up the good job!

    Yours Truly,Regina

  4. Nice job Beatrice and group!