Thursday, 12 April 2012

13th April Problem Sums

Q 76) Mr Lee bought a tin of paint. He used 2/3 of it to paint a bedroom and 1/12 of it to paint a

           wall. How much paint had he left? Express your answer in its simplest form.

Q 102) Three boys shared a packet of ice cream sticks. Ben took 5/21 of the packet of

ice cream sticks. Abel took 30 ice cream sticks while Caleb took the remaining 2/7 of

the packet. How many ice cream sticks were in the packet originally?

Q105) 1/3 of the participants in a survey are overweight. Among those who are not

over weight, 1/6 are men, 1/2 are women and 20 are children. How many participants

took part in the survey?

Home work 13th April 2012


1) Complete Revision Paper 2.

2) Learn extra spelling words given and dictation.


1) Problem Sums Ex Bk.

2) Heuristics Set 2 (Q3 & 5).

3) Angles Worksheet 2.


1) Revise notes given and learn the highlighted spelling words for next Tuesday.

2) Visit blog for the experiment on making ice and properties of matter.


- Sign Supplementary Cancellation form and pass to Miss Lee.

How to make ice in seconds...?

Hi!Children...enjoy this video at home. But I have some questions for you...well, tell me what is the purpose of the fire, salt and what makes the water change from a liquid state to a solid state in just 5 seconds? Find out more and tell me on you KF.

Making Ice in Seconds...


Mdm Pavithra.

Angle Games...

Hi! promised, here are some games that you can play to help you learn angles better. Have fun and do remember to ask questions if you are in doubt.

What's my angle?


Measuring Angles!


Mdm Pavithra.

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

How to make dry ice?

Hi...4A! I remember one of you asked me a question on dry ice. I found this video really cool. Try it at home if  you have the time.

Dry Ice


Mdm Pavithra.

Molecules within Matter

How do the particles or molecules react within eacg state of matter? After your enactment in class, I thought this will reinforce the concept better. Enjoy!



Mdm Pavithra.

3 States of Matter Rap

Hi! is a rap version of the song. I hope you enjoy it! Do try and practice it as well. I'm sure all of you can do it!



Mdm Pavithra.

11th April... Problem 95

A book cost 4 times as much as a pen. Stanley spent $48 on 2 similar pens and a book. How much did the book cost?

11th April...problem number 93

Ther were 890 pages in a book. Don read 3 times ass many pages of the book on Saturday than on Sunday. He then had 6 pages left to read. How many pages did he read on Saturday?

11th April....problem number 91

A kettle cost $78. A blender cost $22 more than the kettle and a toaster cost half as much as the blender. What was the total cost of the 3 electrical items?

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Fraction of a set...

Dear 4A Children,

            I found this cute video on finding the fraction of a set. It gives you very clear examples on how you can find the fraction of the set. Hope it helps you to remember fractions better. 

Click me!


Mdm Pavithra.

Plasma...the fourth state of matter

Check this out! It will help you in your KF research...on the fourth state of matter.



Mdm Pavithra.

The Matter Song...

Hi! promised, here is the Matter song video for you to watch and learn how to sing the song. I hope you have real fun learning the properties of the three states of matter through this song. Enjoy...

I've got gas...


Mdm Pavithra.

Congrats & Thank You

I would like to congratulate Cheng Han and Qin Xu for representing Endeavour at the MOE Excel Fest 2012. I am very proud of you children! Thank you for being such a natural talent in carrying out your duties. I received several positive feedback from fellow teachers and some parents who attended the Excel Fest. It is honour to be selected and represent the school for such events. I hope both Cheng Han and Qin Xu will share their experiences with the rest of the classmates sometime soon.

Our STELLAR Writing Experience

After attending a few STELLAR workshops, I decided to try out the STELLAR writing approach introduced during the workshop. I incorporated cooperative learning into the STELLAR writing lesson to emphasize our 3C's to my pupils. 4A children clearly had fun with the pre-reading and writing activities conducted during the lesson. Don't they look super busy....

Congrats to Feb Math Quiz Winners!

4A would like to congratulate all Math Quiz winners for the month of Feb. Bravo!Keep it up children!

Showing Confidence...

4A Children showed that they have become more confident over the past 1.5 years during their group presentations done both during English and Science Alternative Assessment last term. It was heartening to see them rehearse their speeches and coordinate with one another. Check them out in action....

Tables & Line Graph Lesson...

This time we decided to gather data to construct a line graph through play. We used the activity found in our workbook on coin tossing to help us achieve this. I broke up the class into groups of 3 and the pupils were asked to toss a coin to determine the number of heads and tails each try. Every one of them had to try a few times and record their findings in a table.

This activity engaged pupils in understanding how people gathered data and how they were recorded to help us plot a graph. I also got the children to construct their own questions based on the data collected. I was impressed to see that almost all of them were able to come up with at least one simple question that they could ask their friend based on the gathered data. Here's how we did it...

Welcome to Term 2

Hi!Children...its been some time since I posted things on our blog. Its 3 weeks past since the term has begun and I feel time flies super fast! Before you know it, it will SA1 examinations. We need to work together this term to revise our daily work. I need all of you to work hard for all your subjects both in school and at home. Stay focused during lesson time, be consistent in your homework and most importantly ask questions when in doubt. I wish all 4A children the very best of luck!


Mdm Pavithra.