Wednesday, 25 January 2012

ChengHan's Group

A Picnic At Beach

The bird’s chirping and the whistling breeze formed a beautiful morning tune. The sun was shining brilliantly in the sapphire blue sky. My parents decided to bring us to the beach. We found a shady spot under a cocounut tree and layed out the mat. We sat on the mat and started eating the delicious food. Suddenly, we heard the sound of crying. We spur  around and saw a little girl with giant teardrops dripping down from her eyes. Our hearts went out to her.
 The little girl were a ragged dress with patches all over, her hair was in a mess which looked like a tangled forest and her face was like a garbage dump so dirty. She looked very hungry and her glassy eyes were deprived of happiness. My parents asked for her name and  why she was crying. She sobbed softly to us “My name is Mary and I have lost my way.”
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