Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Alicia's Group

A Picnic At The Beach
  It was the June holidays. My family felt a sudden urge to go to the beach for a picnic. We packed our bags and settled for the beach! "Are we there yet?!" We asked for the umpteenth time. "Ok,We are reaching!"Mother replied. When we reached the beach, we unloaded everything. We started to bite and chew our food. While we were eating, I caught a glimpse of a little girl wailing uncontrolly. Tears trickled down her rosy cheek. All of us were shocked and puzzled to see her without any parent guidance.
  "What happened to you?"I asked.The little girl didn't answer as her glassy eyes were deprived of happiness. After knowing us, she finally told us her name. Her name was Candace suddenly idea shocked my mind. I  suggested to put posters on every block about a missing girl named Candace. Days and weeks passed by, but no one has came to claim Candace. My brother's exams are coming. So, my parents and I had no time to post and posters. Then, we decided to treat Candace like a real sister until her relatives come. My parents trusted me to take care of Candace while they guide my brothers for their exams.
Written By: Alicia,Ting Ru & Sherlyn


  1. I guess you must have finshed the whole compo

    1. Sorry Tze En, but we haven't write the conclustion yet.

    2. Alicia, you spelt 'uncontrollably' wrong. Anyway I like it

  2. Dear Alicia, Ting Ru and Sherlyn,

    I like the part about your brother's exams because no one had mention that except for you.

  3. Dear Alicia's Group,
    I like your compo as it was very nice

    Thank You
    Best regards