Friday, 24 August 2012

Expansion and Contraction Song...

 Hi! Children...listen to this song. Its very cool and it can help you to understand the above concept.


Mdm Pavithra.

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Heat and expansion of solids

Hi..4A darlings,

      Sorry for the delay of the videos. Had a meeting till very late evening on Friday and was very tired on Saturday. Well, here are some exciting videos for you to watch and learn more expansion of solids. Have fun!

Heat it!

Ball and ring!


Mdm Pavithra.

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

(11th August) Revision on Skill Set 9 - Guess & Check

** Remember to create the table with the check column.

2) I have 23 conis. Some are 10 cents and the others are 20 cents. I have more 10 cents conins than 20 cents coins. The total value of the coins is $3.40. How many 10 cents coins do I have?

3) Faiez bought a total of 12 pens and pencils. The pens cost $2 each and the pencils cost $1 each. If he spent a total of $20, how many pens did he buy?

4) There are a total of 16 bicycles and tricycles in a park. There are 36 wheels altogether. How many bicycles are there?

(10th August) Revision on Skill Set 6 - Draw a model / diagram

4) Chloe earns $1620 a month. She spends $200 on transport and $355 on food. She gives

    half of the remaining sum to her mother. How much money does her mother receive each


5) Mr Jonathan ordered 3 batches of biscuits, each weighing 3kg. He gave 350g  each to his

    12 colleagues. How many grams of biscuits had Mr Jonathan left? Leave your answer in kg

     and g.

(9 August) Revision on Skill Set 6 - Draw a Model / Diagram

1) A book has 1584 pages. Alden reads an equal number of pages every day. However, he

   does not read on Sundays. How many pages must he read every day in order to finish

   reading the books in 3 weeks?

2) Javier and Xavier had 1152 marbles altogether. After Javier gave 29 marbles to Xavier,

    Xavier had thrice as many marbles as Javier. How many more marbles did Xavier have than

    Javier at first?

3) On a trip to Sentosa, there were 6 times as many children as there were teachers. There

     were 602 people altogether. At lunch time, each child ate 2 sandwiches, while each teacher

     ate 4 sandwiches. How many more sandwiches did the children eat than the teachers?

(8 August) Revision on Skill Set 5 - Work Backwards

4) During a trip, Sherlyn spent one quater of her money on some clothes. She also spent one third of the 
    remaining money on a bag. She then bought a camera which cost $15 more than the bag and had $95 
    left. How much money did Sherlyn have at first?

5) A train carrying some passengers left Boon Lay. At Lakeside, 6 passengers boarded and 7 alighted. At
    Chinese Garden, half of the passengers alighted. At Jurong East, 5 passengers boarded and 8 alighted.  
    As the train left Jurong East, there were 28 passengers on the train. How many passengers were on the
    train when in left Boon Lay?

(7th August)Revision on Skill Set 5 - Work Backwards

2) A is a number.
    Add 5 to A and multiply the result by 10.

    Subtract 8 from the product and divide the result of 2.

    The final result is 151.

     What is A?

3) There are 100 marbles in Bag A and Bag B altogether. 24 marbles are taken from Bag A and another 15
     marbles are transferred from Bag A to Bag B. In the end, Bag a and Bag B have the same number of
     marbles. How many marbles are there in each bag at first?