Saturday, 8 September 2012

Supp & Remedial Lessons

Reminder to all 4A children...there will be Supp/Remedial lessons starting from the 10th Sep 2012 for Term 4. Please note that on Monday your lesson will be from 1.45pm to 3.30pm and on Thursday it will be the same as Term 3 (2.15pm to 3.30pm). I there is any cancellation, I will inform you via a form and through the blog.  Thank you. See you all tomorrow.


Mdm Pavithra.

Monday, 3 September 2012

7th September - Problem no. 45 & 22

45) A tin of biscuits has a mass of 1243g. When it is half full, its mass is 728g. What is the 

mass of the tin when it is empty?

22) Rebecca bought 4 bottles of soft drink. Each bottle $1.65 and contained 1.25l of soft 

drink. (a)How many times of soft drink did she buy?

(b) If she paid the cashier $10, how much change did she receive? 

6th September - Problem no. 41

2 cameras and 5 handphones cost $2700 altogether. If a camera costs twice as much a a 

handphone, what is the total cost of 1 camera and 1 handphone?

5th September - Problem no. 23

In a class, one third of the pupils belong to a group called Jupiter House. Two-

ninth of the pupils belong to Venus house and the remaining 16 pupils belong to 

Saturn house. How many pupils are there in the class?

4th September - Problem no. 44

A florist used 240 red, white and yellow roses at a flower show. She used 30 more red 

roses than white roses. She used the same number of yellow roses and red roses. How 

many red roses did she use?

Problem No. 22 - 3rd September 2012

Jet wants to buy a digital camera which costs $983 and a printer which costs $275. He 

needs to withdraw some money from the ATM to pay for his purchases. If he can 

withdraw only multiples of $10, find the least amount of money he must withdraw from 

the ATM.

September Hols Homework....

Dear Children,

            Although I have given you the list of homework last Thursday, I would like to remind you what they are and state a few more things for you to take note. 

1) English - Revision Papers and Grammar worksheets

                - Revise all learning sheets in the file.

                 - Ensure all worksheets are signed and corrections are marked.

                 - Listening Comprehension book (Pg. 34 and 46) Picture description to be completed  

                   on foolscap paper, using the SPARES method taught. 

                 - Practice the conversation portion in the LC book with your parents (You will be 

                   tested when school reopens on a one-to-one basis). 

2) Math - Area & Perimeter worksheets, Workbook and Text book (All pages for Area & 

               Perimeter, including the problem sums inside the book).

             - Revise all worksheets and workbook papers in the file. 

             - Complete Problem Sums inside the problem sums book (questions to be copied from the    


             - Ensure all papers are signed and corrections are marked.

Science - Revise all papers in the file. 

            - Practice MCQ at home.

            - Learn all spelling words from the whole year's spelling list.

            - Revise Heat & Temperature from the Energy textbook.

            - Go to Knowledge Forum to post your theories on the topic"Light'.

That's all for now! Happy Holidays folks...enjoy the break! 

Best Regards,

Mdm Pavithra.