Monday, 30 January 2012

30th Jan...problem 46

Mary and Marcia baked 36 pies. Mary and Fiona baked 64 pies. Fiona baked thrice as many pies as Marcia, how many more pies than Mary did Fiona bake?

Sunday, 29 January 2012

30th Jan...problem 44

Noel had 3 times as many sweets as Justin. After Noel gave away 24 of his sweets and Justin ate 6 of his sweets, they had the same number of sweets left. How many sweets did each of them have in the end?

Shoot the correct multiple...

Hi! Children....enjoy this math game on factors! You need to have flash player to play it. Also you must memories your times table. Have fun! Shoot it! Regards, Mdm Pavithra.

Celest group Compo

                                                                                The birds’ chirping and the whistling breeze formed a beautiful morning tune. “Are we there yet?” my brother and I asked for the umpteenth time. My mother nodded vigorously. We screamed with joy and excitement. My father was driving us to the beach for a picnic. When we reached our destination, we headed for the beach with our picnic basket. The sky was a wide expanse of blue. It was a perfect weather for a family picnic. While we were eating, after setting up the picnic, a girl in a pink dress came up to us, crying. We felt sorry for her. We tried to comfort her and asked her what had happened. Finally, choked with tears, the girl let out a stammer, “I can’t find my mummy.” My father comforted her and said, “Don’t worry, we’ll help you.” The girl managed a shaky smile. We took her with us and start looking around the beach for the girl’s mother.  

Chloe's group Compo

The majestic sun shone against vast mountains of white, fluffy clouds in the azure blue sky. The slight breeze rustled the tree leaves.It was just a perfect day for a picnic at the beach. My brother and I squealed in delight when our parents said that we were having a picnic at the beach.         In a twinkle of an eye, we reached the beach. We unpacked our things and was having a whale of time when a little girl came towards me. She was crying.My family and I were shocked and our heart went out to her.                                                                                                                                                                                                                            The little girl's glassy eyes were deprived of happiness."Where are your parents?" we asked curiously. She did not answer us and continue crying.Out of compassion,we asked her again.She told us that she had lost her parents.Sympathy and sadness welled up in our eyes.When we heard her story.We decided to keep her with us until we found her parents.We searched for her parents but to no avail.We decided to dial her relatives number after we asked for her relatives number.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Done by:Chloe, Yong Shin, Arnold and Qin Xu                                                                                                   

Thursday, 26 January 2012

27th Jan...problem number 40

Jasper had 12 more badges than Thomas. Gene had 4 time as many badges as Jasper. If  the three boys had a total of 186 badges, how many badges did each of them have?

27th Jan problem number 38

Mrs Seah bought 2 necklaces and a dozen similar bracelets. She gave the cashier $2500 and received a change of $354. If each bracelet cost $98, what was the cost of each necklace? Round off your answer to the nearest $10.

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

26th Jan Problem Q24...

Jasmine saved $2456 and Frances saved thrice as much as Jasmine. How much must Frances give Jasmine so that each of them has the same amount of savings?

26th Jan Problem...Q22

Desmond sold twice as many funfair coupons as Freddy. Eddie sold four times as many funfair coupons as Freddy. If the three of them sold 1246 funfair coupons altogether, how many more funfair coupons did Eddie sell than Desmond?

Play this factors game!

Dear 4A Children, I would like you to try out this Multiplication Game to help you with the topic 'Factors'. It will help you master your multiplication facts. Have fun and tell me if it helped you. Multiplication Game! Regards, Mdm Pavithra.

Stephanie group

Stephanie group’s wrting It was a sunny day, the blazing sun scorched the ground. We planned to have a picnic at the beach. We packed our swimming trunks into the car boot. When we reached there, it was as crowded as a pack of sardines in a tin can. We managed to find a shady spot. As it was so warm, we decided to have a swim in the cool sparkling sea. After a while we went back to the picnic mat. We chatted happily over our hearty lunch. Suddenly, a little girl came towards us, she was crying non-stop. . . We tried to pacify her and asked her what happened. After a while, she stopped crying. . .

Regina group

It was a sunny Saturday morning, sunlight glinted off the windows of the vehicles on the road.  The birds are chirping, our family decided to have a picnic at the beach.  We packed all our sandwiches, swimming costumes and many other things and put it in the car boot.  When we reached there, we saw lots of people.  Me and my brother both decide to have our picnic first then go for a swim later.  When we  are eating happily, having a great time, a little girl came to us and she was crying, as her crying was like a heavy rain.  We are shocked to see that no one was with her.  We felt pity for her. So we walk towards her to ask her what happen.  She explain sadly that she can’t find her mother.  Sympathy and sadness welled up in our eyes when we heard her story.  We tried to help her by finding her mother. After searching for an hour we still can’t find her mother, so we ask her what her mother hand phone number she told us the number while l entered the number in my mobile phone.  I double check with her: “is the number 92448270 ?” so since the number is correct, we dial her mother.  Her mother answer the phone and immediately ask “hello did you see my daughter!” We ask her is your daughter name called Joan? She said yes, so we inform her where we are now.

Ernest Group

Picnic at the beach
It was a most beautiful Sunday morning. The sky was a delightful expanse of azure blue, dotted with magnolia white clouds. The leaves were rustling and the trees were swaying in the gentle breeze. The warm rays of the morning sun were caressing the earth. My family and I decided to have a picnic at the beach. We were having fun when a little girl came towards us.
She was crying loudly. Our hearts went out to her. We were also surprised that nobody was with her. “Where is your mummy?” My mother asked. She told us her story. Sympathy and sadness swelled up in our eyes when we heard her story. Being good citizens, we decided to drive her to the police station. We put our picnic mat and basket into the car boot and got in the car.
        In a twinkle of an eye, we reached there. The place was very crowded because there was a shopping centre nearby. My father, who was driving his car, dropped us off near the police station. Together, my brother, the little girl, my mother and I walked to the police station. We pushed open the door and went in.
Done by Ernest, Ian and Allyn

D&D Group (1) Compo

Group Name: DND (1).
                                                    Title:  A Lost Girl.
                 Sunlight glinted off the windows of the vehicles on the road. “Yippee!” It was the June holidays and my family and I were going to East Coast Park Beach for a picnic. I was in seven heaven. “Are we there yet?” I asked my father for the hundredth time. He nodded vigorously as he parked the car. My sister and I squealed in delight when we saw the beach. We set our mat and our picnic basket with fruits, sandwiches and the cold drinks at a shady area. I felt a tap on my shoulder and turned around and saw a girl with tears in her eyes.
                    We asked her to sit with us and I asked her, “What happened? Where’s your parents?” The girl kept crying and at once she said, “I was making sand castles. When I wanted to show it to my parents, I noticed that they were gone,” and cried. We felt shocked and surprised. We tried to solve the problem as fast as we could. We tried to get help from other people. At a glimpse, I saw a couple with a worried face and called the girl’s name. I said to the girl, “Is that your mother?” The girl felt so happy.

Alicia's Group

A Picnic At The Beach
  It was the June holidays. My family felt a sudden urge to go to the beach for a picnic. We packed our bags and settled for the beach! "Are we there yet?!" We asked for the umpteenth time. "Ok,We are reaching!"Mother replied. When we reached the beach, we unloaded everything. We started to bite and chew our food. While we were eating, I caught a glimpse of a little girl wailing uncontrolly. Tears trickled down her rosy cheek. All of us were shocked and puzzled to see her without any parent guidance.
  "What happened to you?"I asked.The little girl didn't answer as her glassy eyes were deprived of happiness. After knowing us, she finally told us her name. Her name was Candace suddenly idea shocked my mind. I  suggested to put posters on every block about a missing girl named Candace. Days and weeks passed by, but no one has came to claim Candace. My brother's exams are coming. So, my parents and I had no time to post and posters. Then, we decided to treat Candace like a real sister until her relatives come. My parents trusted me to take care of Candace while they guide my brothers for their exams.
Written By: Alicia,Ting Ru & Sherlyn

ChengHan's Group

A Picnic At Beach

The bird’s chirping and the whistling breeze formed a beautiful morning tune. The sun was shining brilliantly in the sapphire blue sky. My parents decided to bring us to the beach. We found a shady spot under a cocounut tree and layed out the mat. We sat on the mat and started eating the delicious food. Suddenly, we heard the sound of crying. We spur  around and saw a little girl with giant teardrops dripping down from her eyes. Our hearts went out to her.
 The little girl were a ragged dress with patches all over, her hair was in a mess which looked like a tangled forest and her face was like a garbage dump so dirty. She looked very hungry and her glassy eyes were deprived of happiness. My parents asked for her name and  why she was crying. She sobbed softly to us “My name is Mary and I have lost my way.”
Cheng Han Group

Jennifer's Group

It was a hot and humid day, the cloudless sky was lit up by the merciless rays of the mid-day sun. My parents and I were having a picnic at the beach. While we were eating those delicious food on the mat, a little girl came towards us. She was crying. My parents and I were shocked and surprised to see the little girl without a parent looking after her.
  We told her to sit with us while she explain why she was crying. She told us that she had lost her parents when she was wandering by herself. After that, we told her stop crying and gave her some biscuits to eat while my family and I decided what to do. Then, we decided to take her to a neighbourhood police post. We told the policeman what happened to the little girl and how we found her.The policeman said he will find her parents soon.

Jennifer Group

TzeEn Group Compo

A Picnic at the beach     

          The sound of the breeze itself was cool enough to douse the heart of the fiery setting sun as my family and I were having a picnic at the beach. While we were eating, a little girl came towards us. She was crying. At first we didn't see her. Slowly we started hearing cries. We turned and saw a little girl about my little brother's age crying. We  were shocked to see that no one was with her, so we asked her to calm down and sit with us.  

          When she calmed down, we asked her what happened. She told us that she couldn't find her parents. We went to the local police station to report the case of the little girl.

Group:Lego Land (2)
Names:Alden, Jia Lin, Tze En & Faiez

Tuesday, 24 January 2012


Hey Kids, find Estimation super hard? Fret Not! Try these simple should help you 

start small and you will get better as you master the basics. Don't be afraid to make mistakes. All 

the very best!

Worksheet 2

Worksheet 9

Worksheet 10

Worksheet 18


Mdm Pavithra.

Prepositional Phrases Self-Test

Dear 4A Children,

           I would like you to try out the self-test found in the link below. Do read up one more time on prepositional phrases and then try the test. Have fun!

Read Me!

Try Me!


Mdm Pavithra.

Personal Pronouns

Hi!Children....I hope you enjoyed your CNY break! I found 2 sets of personal pronoun activities that are

useful for you to try out. Do try it out on paper before you check the given answers. Good Luck!

Worksheet 1

Worksheet 2


Mdm Pavithra.

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Our Guitar Lessons...

4A children started their guitar lesson in week 2 this term. The first lesson served as a refresher to their last year lessons. Then this week, the instructor was very pleased to see that almost all of them made the effort to remember the cords. I thought they picked up really quickly and were brilliant in playing as a class. It was heart warming to see they followed instructions closely and made the 1h lesson a fruitful one. Watch them in action below...

Want to catch a glimpse of how they play? Hmm...well you got to wait for another 2 more weeks. They should be able to  play at least 4 notes in a row. Will certainly upload the video for all to view! Catch us soon...!

More pics of our Process Writing presentation....


2nd step in process writing

4A children, took their first step in process writing a couple of days ago. We planned just the introduction as a class. Then, the pupils went home to create their very own introduction based on our planning in class. 

Today, we came together to take the next step in writing. We continued to plan the body and conclusion as a class. Then, I spent some time introducing story starters which showed pupils how they can begin their story by describing the opening scene by talking about the"sound" and "sight" of the place, things or person. I tested their understanding by giving them some sample sentences and got them to identify what kind of desciptions were they(sound/sight). 

Once, i knew they were comforable, I got them to work in groups of four to read aloud his or her introduction to d rest of the group members. They were told to pick one of their introductions and modify it using the story starters and ideas discussed earlier. Upon completion I got them to present it to the rest of the class and we edited it together. 4A children were very enthusiastic to learn new vocab and phrases that were used in various groups. They took the initiative to record these words into their word bank book for future reference. I was very pleased to see that they have developed this great habit after trying it out last year. I'm proud of you children! Keep it up! 

 Here are some pics showing them in action...

Let's round off...

4A children were given a task to work in teams to challenge one another to complete a set of rounding off numbers nearest to 10 and 100. They had real fun trying out the questions I created for them...

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

A skit on digestive system...

4A children were asked to work in groups as a follow up to their KB lesson to act out how the digestive system works in our body. They were given instructions on how they would be assessed as a group and were asked to practise before presenting. I was amazed to see that they had brilliant ways to showcase the concept learnt. Here they are in action....

Monday, 16 January 2012

Digestive System Song...

Dear 4A Children, I found a very interesting song video for you to remember the steps in digestion. Do view it and try to practice singing it. I would like all of us to sing it in class one of these days as we recap the topic. Sing Along! Cheers, Mdm Pavithra.

Journey through the Digestive System

Hi!'s a very interesting video clip on how the digestive system works. Click on the link below to view it. Digestive System Have Fun! Regards, Mdm Pavithra.

Planning an Intro for Continuous Writing...

Hi!'s what we discussed today. Do remember to copy down the planning and then do a draft of the introduction.

17th Jan problem.....Q41

Mr Ho kept 24 birds and hamsters. If there were a total of 64 legs among them, how many hamsters did he keep?

17th Jan problem......Q26

Jack, Abel and Dave have 300, 622 and 470 bottle caps respectively. How many bottle caps must Abel and Dave give to Jack so that the three of them will have an equal number of bottle caps?

Sunday, 15 January 2012

16th Jan...probem number 25

There are four times as many beads in Box A as in Box B. How many beads must be transferred from Box A to Box B so that each of the boxes will have 145 beads each?

16th Jan....problem number 23

Rita, Jaime and Susan spent $14 040 altogether. Rita spent thrice as much as Jaime and Susan spent half as much as Jaime. How much more did Rita spend than Susan?

Friday, 13 January 2012

Try these online worksheets...

Hi!Children, I thought for a change you can try some online worksheets for Mathematics. The following website has really cool worksheets for you to try. Check it out and have fun! Click Me!

Check this out..

The following link allows you to play and learn whole numbers... Whole Numbers

13th Jan (Problem-A-day)

Hi! are the problems you need to solve. Have fun...

Our Follow up KB lesson

During our 2nd lesson, I sieved out most of the relevant questions and used KB Talk to carry out a class discussion on the digestive system. Almost all 4A pupils had something to say about what they already know about this system and were keen to research to home and add on details to their ideas. The following pictures are just the starting of our knowledge web.... Children, feel free to add more questions and responses to this post. Remember to use appropriate sentence starters when you add ideas or ask questions.

Our 1st Knowledge Building Science Lesson

Our first topic in P4 Science is on Body Systems. So, I decided to start off this theme by introducing 4A children to one of the main systems (Digestive System) through a simple activity that would trigger several interesting questions and lead them to the understanding of the topic. I gave each child a small piece from a slice of bread and did not tell them what it was for or why they had to eat the bread. Ofcourse, 4A consists of big eaters like me and a few more of us. We got to a bigger share after the experiment....:-) Before they placed the bread into their mouth, they were told to take note of few things. For example, they were asked to remember the steps of actions that took place from the moment they place the bread into their mouth. The taste of the bread at the start, middle and at the end of the experiment (before they swallowed it). Then we all began to eat the bread the same time. The pupils had to chew/grind the slice for at least 40s and were told not to swallow it until they were told to do so. After 40s of grinding process, I told them to open their mouth to show their friends how the food looked inside their mouth and they finally pushed it down their gullet. When they were done, they were asked to draw and write the steps in their nature study book and were all given post it pads to write questions relating to the activity that they just did. I was amazed to see the kind of responses they came up with and was very impressed with the number of questions they generated. The entire KB board in our classroom was filled with brilliant questions that could lead us to discuss and learn more about the digestive system in our next lesson. Here are some pics on 4A children in action...
And that's how many Q's they came up much to think about!!!

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Whole Numbers 1 to 100 000...

4A children learnt how place value and comparing numbers using teacher prepared number cards. We played a game in groups of 4 and came up with our own hypothesis of the topic. Then we shared with the rest of the class and learnt from one another. Exciting right?

Our Classroom Deco Day

4A children planned how they want their class to look during the first two days of school. They had brilliant ideas! Thank you children. We chose some of their ideas, combined them and created a fusion in our class on the 7th of Jan. It was such a pleasure to see so many parents coming in to help. My sincere thanks to all parents and children who took the time to come down during a weekend to help decorate the class. Here are some pics that show us in action. Enjoy....