Saturday, 30 June 2012

Welcome to Semester 2...

Dear 4A darlings,

            It feels like I just met all of you but 1.5years has just passed by. Time flies...really! Its been a pleasure to have been your form teacher for the past two years. You have made me become a much more innovative, creative and most of all an on-the-ball teacher. I have learnt much from you and I hope I have given you my best. I know all of us have worked hard last semester to give our best in whatever we did. We have learnt to share good and bad things and have developed the right sense of attitude to take it on the stride as they come. I wish all of us will continue to work hard this semester and keep the positive attitude going all the time. 

           I'm excited to spend this half of the year with all of you. I have planned many enriching lessons for you and I truly hope you will enjoy and learn through these lessons. This semester I hope we can achieve the following :

1) As you mature, I need you to understand that you need to take on more responsibilities.

2) Be active listeners and develop speed with accuracy in writing.

3) Stay Curious (like always), Co-operate with one another and become even more Confident individuals.

         With continued effort and consistency I believe we can achieve our goals. Lets put in our best and stay focused this sem as the SA2 exams are not very far away. I wish you all the very best of luck! 

Warmest Regards,

Mdm Pavithra.