Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Another Achievement to Celebrate...

4A would like to congratulate Stephanie Lee and Mavis Toh for winning the bronze award in North Zone Junior Girls Volleyball. Congrats Girls! Way to go!

Behind the Scenes...@ the Zoo

4A children visited our Singapore Zoological Gardens on the 15th of Feb to explore more about the things that happen behind the animal enclosures. We were previledged to watch how the animal trainers prepared meals for the animals and listen to some interesting facts about animal diet.We also had the opportunity to touch, smell and see some invertibrates that are bred by the zoo.

Our animal trainer was also able to show and explain the life cycle of some common insects. 4A children enjoyed watching how mealworms of different sizes and colour being bread under one roof. They also, managed to gather lots of information on metamorphosis and how this helps the animal in its life cycle.

We ended off this wonderful learning experience by watching the 'Elephants of Asia' show. The pupils were awed by the elephants brilliant display of talent. They cheered as they watched and learnt how magnificient these animals are. When we returned to school, we discussed some key things that they gathered during the trip. Here are some candid shots of us in action...

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Experimental Design ---- Science Term 1 AA

All Primary 4 children went through the planning and execution stages for their very own experimental design this term. 4A children were exposed to several examples of such design before they embarked on the journey. They have been observing and recording data for the past one week. Soon, they will be presenting their findings as a group to the rest of the class. Here are some shots of them setting up their experiments....Enjoy!

Friday, 24 February 2012

2nd Stage of Process Writng...Building Vocab

I introduced a vocab building technique called "Word Snake", which I learnt from British Counsil during a course that I attend for Higher Ability Pupils. 4A children were taught how to use this method to enhance their vocabulary before starting to write last year. I decided to use it this time round again to make sure they are comfortable and confident in using this method to help them write. However, I did try out something new this time round. I gave them a few more extra words to work on and reduced the time frame given to complete the activity.

In the beginning, the pupils found it a bit hard as they were not used to such a short time frame. But within the 2nd try, they managed to get the hang of it. We first discussed all the helping words given in the composition paper and wrote down their meanings beside them. Then, we picked 5 words from the list to work on. I added 2 more to list on my own. They worked in groups to start with the first word that I chose. Their task was to come up with words that have the same meaning as the given word and list them down in a snake format. It was amazing to see how they went all out to brainstorm for words that they have heard, read or seen. We had great fun doing this activity as it stretched their thinking skills and at the same time kept them on task to learn new vocab that they will be using to write in the near future.   

By the end of the lesson, we managed to complete all seven words and presented some to the rest of the class. We gathered a whole range of vocab that we intend to make use during our next stage of writing. I got the children to display all their work around our classroom so that they could refer to it any time they wanted to. I will be collating all the words into a word list that they can attach to their composition paper before starting their next stage of writing. Take a look at their fantastic array of words in action...

Our 2nd Process Writing Journey...

4A children started their 2nd composition 2 weeks back. They were given a special planning template which showed them how they could link events together and at the same time develop the main character in the story. I went through a sample planning with the class before they began.

Then, they worked in groups to plan their plot. It was a joy to see how co-operative they were while sharing their ideas and views with one another. I reminded them of our school's 3C's and its importance while working with others. Bearing those in mind, they did an excellent job in coming up with some variations in their story line.

The next day, I got all the groups to present their plot with the rest of class. This allowed pupils to gather more ideas to make their writing more exciting to read. Here is what they did....

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Your Favourite Plant Song...

Hi! Children...here's what you requested. Do try and remember the 5 needs of plants as

you enjoy the song. Have fun!

5 Needs!


Mdm Pavithra.

A Seed Story...Perseverance

Dear Children,

            I would like you to watch this video on ONE SEED that made a

difference. You can learn the life cycle of a plant and also see how the

perseverance of a seed made a difference. It also shows you how we depend

on plants and we must respect nature. Hope you enjoy it and learn to be just

like that ONE SEED!



Mdm Pavithra.

Monday, 20 February 2012

20th Feb...Problem 4

A box contains a total of 689 colour pencils. There are 137 red colour pencils and 99 more blue color pencils than red colors pencils. The rest are purple colour pencils. How many purple coloured pencils are there in the box? Draw models to help you solve this problem.

20th Feb...problem 3

Winnie won 1856 points in a game. Her friend Tiger needed another 379 points to catch up with Winnie. How many points did they win altogether in the game?

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

16 Feb....Problem 21

21.           A bicycle has 2 wheels while a tricycle has 3 wheels.
There were a total of 13 bicycles and tricycles parked outside Mr Lim’s shop.
Mr Lim counted 34 wheels altogether.
                  How many tricycles were there?

16 Feb...Problem 18

18.   4 boys ate as many grapes as 2 girls. 
Altogether, they ate 176 grapes.
How many grapes did each girl eat?

      Draw a model diagram and label it clearly.

E-Quizes on Rounding off...

Hi!Children...check out the following links to try out some quizes on rounding off. It's quite fun!

Click Me!

Try Me too!


Mdm Pavithra.

Sunday, 12 February 2012

10th Feb...Problem 14

Ms Zhang wanted to give some jelly beans to her class of 42 pupils. If each packet contained 8 jelly beans. What was the least number of packets of jelly beans Ms Wong needed so that each pupil would receive 17 jelly beans?

Saturday, 11 February 2012

10th Feb....Problem 13

Mr Tong bought some candy bars. If he asked 3 children to share the candy bars, there was no remainder left, but when he asked to share the candy bars among 5 children, there were 3 bars left over. What is the minimum number of candy bars Mr Tong bought?

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

More Fun & Exciting Math Practices...

Dear Children,

             Visit the following link to play a huge list of games that will help you in your daily Math calculations. All games are relevant to the topics you have learnt so far and you do have a few quiz that can test your understanding. Enjoy....

Fun Math!


Mdm Pavithra.

KB Lesson on Cycles....

Today 4A children were given a sheet of paper will various repeated patterns on it. They were then told to write one thing that came to their mind when they see the given pictures in one word. Then they had to write a similarity and difference between all the pictures. 

It was amazing to see that they came up with a huge range of vocabulary just by observing the given pictures! These were some words they came up with...

I then guided the lesson towards leading them to the topic on cycles through the use of knowledge building questioning technique. They were then given my theory of Cycles...and were asked to build on it. Watch them in action...

4A Class Organisation...

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