Sunday, 29 January 2012

Celest group Compo

                                                                                The birds’ chirping and the whistling breeze formed a beautiful morning tune. “Are we there yet?” my brother and I asked for the umpteenth time. My mother nodded vigorously. We screamed with joy and excitement. My father was driving us to the beach for a picnic. When we reached our destination, we headed for the beach with our picnic basket. The sky was a wide expanse of blue. It was a perfect weather for a family picnic. While we were eating, after setting up the picnic, a girl in a pink dress came up to us, crying. We felt sorry for her. We tried to comfort her and asked her what had happened. Finally, choked with tears, the girl let out a stammer, “I can’t find my mummy.” My father comforted her and said, “Don’t worry, we’ll help you.” The girl managed a shaky smile. We took her with us and start looking around the beach for the girl’s mother.  


  1. Dear Celest and group,

    your compo was marvellous!

  2. Dear Celest and Group,

    your compo was simple and nice but there is something you missed out.Which is your paragraphing.I think it is much more easier for others to see or to read. I also think that the compo was great!!!!

  3. Dear Celest & group, facinating compo! Love it!

  4. thank you alicia,lindy and jesslynn.your group's compo is excellent too!