Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Ernest Group

Picnic at the beach
It was a most beautiful Sunday morning. The sky was a delightful expanse of azure blue, dotted with magnolia white clouds. The leaves were rustling and the trees were swaying in the gentle breeze. The warm rays of the morning sun were caressing the earth. My family and I decided to have a picnic at the beach. We were having fun when a little girl came towards us.
She was crying loudly. Our hearts went out to her. We were also surprised that nobody was with her. “Where is your mummy?” My mother asked. She told us her story. Sympathy and sadness swelled up in our eyes when we heard her story. Being good citizens, we decided to drive her to the police station. We put our picnic mat and basket into the car boot and got in the car.
        In a twinkle of an eye, we reached there. The place was very crowded because there was a shopping centre nearby. My father, who was driving his car, dropped us off near the police station. Together, my brother, the little girl, my mother and I walked to the police station. We pushed open the door and went in.
Done by Ernest, Ian and Allyn


  1. Looks like you finshed the compo

    1. It may be long but the conclusion isn't done yet

  2. Dear Ernest and group members,

    your composition is marvellous because there is many descriptive words!

    Great Job!

  3. Dear Ernest

    Your Story is very interesting because it has lots of phrases and idioms in it,GREAT JOB!!!