Thursday, 5 April 2012

Welcome to Term 2

Hi!Children...its been some time since I posted things on our blog. Its 3 weeks past since the term has begun and I feel time flies super fast! Before you know it, it will SA1 examinations. We need to work together this term to revise our daily work. I need all of you to work hard for all your subjects both in school and at home. Stay focused during lesson time, be consistent in your homework and most importantly ask questions when in doubt. I wish all 4A children the very best of luck!


Mdm Pavithra.


  1. Thanks Mdm Pavithra,I will work together with my other friends!(Ummmm,maybe happily!That will be greAT)

    from,Le Yi

  2. Thanks , and I will work harder !

  3. Dear Mdm Pavithra,
    I will do my best and will work very hard this year.

  4. Dear Mdm Pavithra,
    I will work harder for this term SA1 examinations in order to stay in the A class

  5. Dear Mdm Pavithra,I will try my best to work hard.

  6. Dear Mdm Pavithra,4A and I will work very hard every year to stay

    in 4A together.

    Best Regards,

    Sheryl Ng