Thursday, 5 April 2012

Our STELLAR Writing Experience

After attending a few STELLAR workshops, I decided to try out the STELLAR writing approach introduced during the workshop. I incorporated cooperative learning into the STELLAR writing lesson to emphasize our 3C's to my pupils. 4A children clearly had fun with the pre-reading and writing activities conducted during the lesson. Don't they look super busy....


  1. Can we do some more of these?

  2. Thanks for this group work.It waS SUPER DUPER fun and interesting.When can WE do it AGAINNN?


  3. It was very exiting . Can we do more next time ?

  4. Dear Mdm Pavithra,

    thank you for planning this group work for us to do in class as I can learn more information from my group members while having more curiousity, confident and coperation.

  5. Dear Mdm Pavithra,
    thanks for letting us do this activity and it was SUPER DUPER DUPER fun and I wish we can do it again!

  6. Dear Mdm Pavithra,thanks for giving us fun and interesting games I

    really enjoyed myself!

    Best Regards,

    Sheryl Ng

  7. Dear Mdm Pavithra

    Thank you for letting us play such a interesting game i really wish to play the game again soon !!!