Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Behind the Scenes...@ the Zoo

4A children visited our Singapore Zoological Gardens on the 15th of Feb to explore more about the things that happen behind the animal enclosures. We were previledged to watch how the animal trainers prepared meals for the animals and listen to some interesting facts about animal diet.We also had the opportunity to touch, smell and see some invertibrates that are bred by the zoo.

Our animal trainer was also able to show and explain the life cycle of some common insects. 4A children enjoyed watching how mealworms of different sizes and colour being bread under one roof. They also, managed to gather lots of information on metamorphosis and how this helps the animal in its life cycle.

We ended off this wonderful learning experience by watching the 'Elephants of Asia' show. The pupils were awed by the elephants brilliant display of talent. They cheered as they watched and learnt how magnificient these animals are. When we returned to school, we discussed some key things that they gathered during the trip. Here are some candid shots of us in action...


  1. Dear Mdm Pavithra,

    I like this trip the most because I get to have fun while learning more interesting information about insects and animals. What I like most is about going inside the cage with many beautiful butterflies flying around. The thing that interest me was that when we touch the Black Butterflies' wings, some sensitive people may cause rashes.

  2. It was a very enjoyable trip right,Mdm Pavi?

  3. It was a fun trip!!

  4. Dear Mdm Pavi,

    It was the most enjoyable trip the school have brought us, the fun part is I get to see and touch the insects.

    1. I truly agree with you fully!

  5. Dear Mdm Pavithra,
    I enjoy this trip very much as I can learn more about the animals habitats

  6. Dear Mdm Pavithra, thank you for bringing us to the zoo and giving

    us biscuits!

    Best Regards,

    Sheryl Ng

  7. Dear Mdm Pavithra,

    This was a enjoyable and fun trip!Thanks for the trip and Tibits!:)

  8. Dear Mdm Pavithra ,

    It was the most enjoyable learning journey I ever experienced !

  9. Dear Mdm Pavithra,

    I like the trip because we get to touch the insects.

    I hope to go somewhere fun again!

  10. Dear Mdm Pavithra,

    Thanks for bringing us on this LJ! I enjoyed myself a lot!